342 Highway 101 North
Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Sunday, March 30, 2008


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jbalmer said...

I have to say that this is Simply the Best Pizza I have ever had! I may be a little biased though! Chuck and Mary are two of the nicest people you have ever met. They work harder than you could ever imagine possible to bring you the best pizza AND salad you'll ever eat. So stop on by and enjoy the Best Pizza Around!

Upper Crust Pizza said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jenny said...

Whenever we are in town we ALWAYS make a stop at Upper Crust. Planning a visit soon. Two questions so we can plan in advance, one are you still a cash only business? And two, are the prices on your menu on the website upto date?

Marci Murry said...

We had the worse experience ever last Saturday night trying to go to a family dinner for our daughters birthday. She wanted pizza so we went to Upper Crust. Having never been there we did not know what to expect. It cost us $80 for two pizzas and beverages for six,a bit spendy. Our order was placed at 7:25. Almost an hour later the server stopped by the table and asked my husband how we were doing. He told her that we still haven't gotten our pizza and her reply was that the order was turned in. After a while longer I went to the counter and said we have been there almost an hour and a half and we just want our money back. We had inquired about our pizzas several times and been checked on with still no food, only being assured our order was turned in. Nobody told us through this whole ordeal that there would be a considerable wait. I was told Mary would be right with me. It was several minutes before I went and sat back down because no one ever came out. Eventually the woman came out and rudely informed us she was not going to be out those pizzas, they were already cooking and she asked if we wanted them to go or for there. We told her we were not informed of any wait, been there for over an hour, wanted our money back and wanted to go. She again was very rude and suggested we call ahead next time. When we said there would not be a next time she stated that they were just fine with their regular business and that was fine. From the start the woman did not respect or appreciate our business, our time or us. She stated our pizzas would be out in eight minutes. The table that got there a while after us got their pizzas and then we got our pizzas after ten minutes. We finally go them at 8:59. No apology, no discount, nothing but a very rude disrespectful owner that obviously does not care about the customer. We left there disappointed about the wait, but the thing that really irritated us was the way that woman treated us.

garrett anderson said...

Just wanted to say Hi to Chuck and Mary - hope things are going well. Wish I could be there to eat the best chicken pizza I have ever had.
As Always

Betty Anderson